We love helping our clients and offering caring, creative, professional, and dependable service.  Here is a sample of what they have to say about us.

“I had multiple parts to my legal case, which settled several years apart. During the first settlement, I was not offered a structured settlement. A few years later, 9-11 happened. Despite my very competent financial planner and conservative investments, my portfolio plummeted.

During the next settlement, I made a wise decision to meet with Kelly Ramsdale. She explained structured settlements and how they work. Why was I never told about structured settlements when the first part of my case settled?! If I would have had Kelly on my side earlier, I would have been protected from a huge financial loss.

The choice of plans Kelly built for me were tailored to my lifestyle and my family’s long term needs. I excitedly structured a good portion of my second and third settlements. I feel confident now knowing that I will be financially secure FOR LIFE due to Kelly Ramsdale and Associates’ invaluable advice and services.”

Marilyn S.
New York, NY
“Kelly Ramsdale is a consummate professional who pays attention to every detail. She provided me with several settlement options and was able to answer all of my questions and address any concerns. Kelly was a sound source of financial advice during a very difficult time in my life. She helped me understand the many advantages of structured settlements and brought me great peace of mind. I know my financial plan will assure that I have income for the rest of my life!”

Stacey N.
Richmond, VA
“Kelly Ramsdale & Associates is fully involved in educating our clients on what structured settlements are and how they work. They patiently explain the purpose and benefits as well as the risks of such a plan. Our clients have been exceptionally appreciative of the respect and courtesy they receive from Kelly Ramsdale & Associates.”

Patrick A. Casey, Esquire
Santa Fe, NM
“I NEVER go to mediation without Kelly by my side!”

“I want someone who I trust in the mediation room with my client and me. I don’t trust the defense structure experts any more than I trust their liability and damages experts. Kelly Ramsdale & Associates always makes sure that my clients’ interests are a top priority.”

Ray Vargas
The Vargas Law Firm
Santa Fe, NM
“My clients love working with Kelly Ramsdale and Shelly Mack. Their flare for creative annuity plans is second to none.”

Natalie Brown, Partner
Leventhal, Brown & Puga, PC
Denver, CO

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