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Solid Advice

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Structuring Into A Trust

We are one of only a handful of structured settlement experts in the United States who work solely with plaintiffs and their attorneys to offer Qualified and Non-Qualified structured settlement services.

Kelly Ramsdale & Associates helps you, the attorney, by working with you and your clients and by providing services which include:

  • Traveling to meet with and educate you, your staff, your clients, and your clients’ families about structured settlements.
  • Attending mediations to offer on-site and personalized expert advice.
  • A “big picture” view when assessing needs, including understanding lifestyle issues and concerns.
  • Advising on various structuring options such as:
    • Structuring to protect Medicaid eligibility using Special Needs Trusts;
    • Structuring your fees (whether the plaintiff structures or not);
  • Referrals to trust professionals if your clients need a trust (see Trust Options).
  • Creative and unique settlement proposals that provide peace of mind and security for you and your clients.
  • Regular communications and follow-up, documentation preparation assistance for you and your staff, and long-term customer service.

Because we DO NOT accept defense work, there is no inherent conflict of interest when you draw on the expertise of Kelly Ramsdale & Associates. You never have to worry where our loyalties lie.

What this means to you is that:

  • We have developed valuable experience with complex plaintiff situations, and we are familiar with their concerns.
  • We offer multiple, creative options.
  • We meet with you and your clients as often as needed without being hampered by defense firm rules or conditions that may restrict plaintiff representation or contact.
  • Because we don’t take defense work, we will not place business with a certain life insurance company for the purpose of gaining future defense-based business from their affiliated companies.


Kelly Ramsdale & Associates ensures your clients receive the maximum benefits from their structured settlement and that critical details are not overlooked.  Our only obligation is to you and to your client.

  • We partner with the most secure life insurance companies in the industry to offer you and your clients the ultimate peace-of-mind.
  • After the client chooses their structured settlement plan, we shop all available markets to capture the very best rates available that day.  Many firms don’t get “daily rates” on their cases.  Not getting daily rates can cost your clients thousands or tens of thousands of dollars!
  • One size does not fit all!  Peoples’ lives and circumstances are very different.  That is why we put in the time to work with your client to build personalized plans that reflect their individual lives and financial goals.
  • We offer support in reviewing and drafting settlement agreements, court documents, and all other required structured settlement documents.
  • Our customer service relationship with you and your clients is long-term, unlike many other structured settlement firms.
    • We personally maintain your clients’ records after their annuity policy has been issued in order to help with any annuity-related changes, such as beneficiary, address, or banking changes.
    • We do not simply send clients their policies and inform them that they will need to contact the life company for any future customer service needs.
  • We are available to you and your clients after hours and on weekends by phone or e-mail.
  • We stay in touch with you and want to be a valuable resource you can count on to help you with settlement solutions.

No other structured settlement expert offers this level of personal, professional, plaintiff-only service.