Solid Advice


Solid Advice

Choosing Your Structured Settlement Partner

To do the best for your client, you want to make sure the broker you use has substantial experience with plaintiffs and their concerns, as well as having structured settlement knowledge and expertise.


When approached by structured settlement brokers, it’s important to find out where their loyalties lie.  They may tell you that working for both plaintiff and defense sides does not make a difference.

In general, Property & Casualty companies require defense structure brokers to write a substantial amount of business with life companies the Property & Casualty company chooses.  In some instances, this may mean placing the structure business with an affiliated life company, essentially shifting the settlement money from “left-pocket to right-pocket.”  A broker who relies on a Property & Casualty company to channel business to him or her is looking out for the Property & Casualty company’s best interest, which is not the best interest of the plaintiff.  A plaintiff-only broker only works for your client and you.

  • Make sure your broker of choice has no conflicts of interest.
  • Ask questions about the level and extent of the broker’s experience with complex plaintiff cases.
  • Find out how the broker establishes relationships with you and your client

When choosing between plaintiff brokers, you need to know they will work hard for your client and you.  You want to know that your broker’s goal is to create the right plan for your client.  PERIOD!


Don’t let the defense counsel tell you that you aren’t allowed to have your own structured settlement broker. It is common practice for both sides to have their own.  You wouldn’t use the defense’s expert witnesses, so don’t be bullied into using their structured settlement broker either.  Use a structured settlement expert who works only for plaintiffs and their attorneys.

In choosing Kelly Ramsdale & Associates you can have confidence that you have selected a knowledgeable broker who takes the time to educate you and your client about structured settlements and provides the respect, creativity, dependability, and professionalism that you and your clients deserve.  You can count on us to have:

  • a big picture view of your client’s situation.
  • the desire and energy to invest in you and your client to assure your understanding and build a relationship.
  • the structure experience and professional network that can be tapped to solve problems.
  • the experience of having worked in a wide variety of complex plaintiff situations.

We are specially trained in financial matters for injured people and their families, and we aren’t high priced financial consultants from banks or investment firms.

  • We are experts at creating plans that address the economic intricacies of life-long medical expenses, total caregiver costs, and family financial situations of injured people.Bankers and financial planners are experts at investing unexpected windfalls, inheritances, and retirement savings.  In cases involving personal injuries, the risk factors change radically and the financial needs are more complicated.  That’s when you need someone who has the experience dealing with injury situations.
  • We have access to specialized products, at no cost to your clients, designed to provide them with income to meet their current and future needs.  Conventional financial planners don’t have access to these products.Most of the investment products from financial planners and bankers have ongoing management and sales fees.  These fees are paid by your clients whether they make or lose money on the investments.
  • We have more knowledge than financial consultants in protecting your clients’ rights under public benefit programs (such as Medicare and Medicaid) so they don’t lose them.

Contact us as soon as possible to bring us into the case so that we can start assisting you and your client with personalized settlement options and plans.

We will contact the defense’s structured settlement broker to negotiate an agreement for each of us to work with our respective clients. We will provide you with language to insert at the time a settlement is reached that solidifies your right to use Kelly Ramsdale & Associates.

We love helping our clients and offering caring, creative, professional, and dependable service.